Euro Timber Joinery Ltd Warranty

All doors and windows are guaranteed to be of good material and workmanship, free from defects for five years from the date of manufacture. This warranty applies to the door or window alone, and does not extend to consequential loss such as: repainting, re hanging, re glazing, or any other consequential loss.

The manufacturers will not be responsible however for any damage resulting in failure to adhere to the following conditions:

  • Store it flat and covered in a dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight.
  • It is important all surfaces including top and bottom must be thoroughly sealed after fitting and before hanging.
  • The painting of the door or windows must be finished within two weeks after priming.
  • Avoid dark paint colors as they will absorb heat and cause undue stress to the timber, therefore are not recommended.
  • “Sheltered Exterior” means the door is not designed to stand prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or driving rain.
  • The structural strength of the door must not be impaired in the fitting of the door or door furniture.


All doors are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship. Due to seasonal and geographic variations in the atmosphere, moisture can cause a certain amount of shrinkage and expansion, and in timber products this must be expected. Movement like this is not considered a defect. Warp shall not be considered a defect unless it exceeds 6mm in the door itself but not in the relationship of the door to the frame or jamb in which it is hung. The term wrap shall include bow and twist. Natural variations in color or texture of the wood are not considered defects. This warranty is only valid if full payment has been received for goods.

Any claim made under this warranty must be made to the suppliers. Claims should be made promptly and in the case of defects reasonably apparent within 7 days before the door is hung or treated in any manner. If a door is reduced in size or altered in any way following delivery from the factory any warranty will be void.


To ensure your door keeps its original condition, make sure it is sealed, stained or primed as soon as possible. Always store it flat and covered in a dry place away from heat and strong light.

It is very important to use an exterior finish to seal the timber from weather and be able to stand interior situations as well.

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